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‘Pound a Bowl’ by Kevin Logan

Name: Kevin Logan
Location: London, UK

Title: Pound a Bowl
Description: The practice of selling a bowl of a particular fruit or veg’ for a pound is obviously geared towards people on lower incomes.

This is the obverse of the relatively recent trend towards rather expensive ‘organic’ produce.

The composition is both a study of the performative nature of traditional street hawkers, and an observation on the socio-economic patterns in food consumption.

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‘Kids on Bike’ by Pocket of Lollipops

Name: Pocket of Lollipops (Maitejosune Urrechaga & Tony Kapel)
Link: www.pocketoflollipops.com
Location: Miami, USA

Title: Kids on Bike
Description: A bike ride allows for a deep soundscape ­ from ice cream men serving over priced fudge bars to the constant sound of sirens chasing criminals and saving accident victims. A simple turning of the corner could lead to screeching tires heading at you. Sit at the bus stop a second and watch high end employees wait for their ride as $80,000 cars sit in their driveways unsure of the choice made in that purchase.

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‘Heels Rhythm on Brick Lane’ by Manabu Shimada

Name: Manabu Shimada

Link: http://www.myspace.com/manabushimada / http://www.myspace.com/issonicart
Location; London and Tokyo

Title: Heels Rhythm on Brick Lane
This work is consisted of 4 different field recordings that I recorded them from Brick Lane in London in 4 different recording points and time slots (in the morning and the night). In a simple term, there are 8 different sounds (4 different sounds and time slot each) putting together as one.
Using high heel sounds is to create unique rhythm track in the sequence and then made a layer of them as the random rhythm works.
Rest of their sounds (car hone, giggle, noise pollution and so on) should be made a precise panning from Right to Left in the stereo because of the one way traffic in Brick Lane.

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