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‘Capitalism is an Empty Factory’ by Obsil

Name: Obsil (Giulio Aldinucci)
Location: Siena (Italy)
Link: www.obsil.com

Title: Capitalism is an empty factory
This composition can be described as an imaginary (and cerebral) soundscape of the life inside one of the factories that are going to close in Italy (…in Europe, in the World). In other words, as an enormous empty space where just some of the machines are in function; a sort of desert where the human and machine sounds jumble up like gloomy mirages.

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‘Kids on Bike’ by Pocket of Lollipops

Name: Pocket of Lollipops (Maitejosune Urrechaga & Tony Kapel)
Link: www.pocketoflollipops.com
Location: Miami, USA

Title: Kids on Bike
Description: A bike ride allows for a deep soundscape ­ from ice cream men serving over priced fudge bars to the constant sound of sirens chasing criminals and saving accident victims. A simple turning of the corner could lead to screeching tires heading at you. Sit at the bus stop a second and watch high end employees wait for their ride as $80,000 cars sit in their driveways unsure of the choice made in that purchase.

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