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‘The Opera is Closed’ by Nankyo B

Name: Nankyo B (Hanan Ben Shoshan)
Link: http://www.coroflot.com/nankyo
Location: Israel

Title: The Opera is Closed (or Opera Lost)
The crisis in Israel had weird appearance: many lost their jobs, firms bankrupted but the prices continue to raise up, flats get more expansive.
There is a huge economical differences between groups in the society and that gap is getting bigger. There is a big disconnection between the ones that holds the power and the common people.
This track tries to catch that image of the reach part that oppressed the common people with economical tools. Some musical battle which confront Opera elements with modern sounds. It is sure: we lost the opera at the end.
The sounds are all original and computer-generated (also the orchestra sounds).

Title: Something happens in the city
This part emphasize the sensation of fear while wondering in the hectic streets of a city in bad times.

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‘Recess in Columbia St Basement’ by Ben Owen

Name: Ben Owen
Location: Brooklyn, NY, USA

Title: Recess In Columbia St Basement
License: Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License

The resulting track is from room recordings I made in a basement room being rented illegally as an apartment where the landlord operated a cafe in the floor above. The work is about compromised living situations questioning one’s health, available housing and real estate’s hands in our daily life. processed in ppooll and mixed in audacity.

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