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‘Fireworks’ by Norman Long

Name: Norman W. Long
Location: Chicago, IL USA
Title: Outside my widow, 4th of July, South Side of Chicago (edit) 5:00min mp3

Description: The question of what is the sound of recession haunted me for a couple of days before I decided to do this piece. Especially since I am one of many African Americans who have been affected by this recession and lives on the south side of Chicago, which is predominately African American. The recording of my neighbors setting off firecrackers, roman candles, etc. in the rain is a response to the economic silencing a recession does to a community. I see/hear the fireworks as a celebration of existence more than a celebration of freedom, liberty and or patriotism.

[5:00min version]

Full version:
73:00min: http://www.archive.org/details/OutsideMyWindow4thOfJulySouthSideOfChicago

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‘The Opera is Closed’ by Nankyo B

Name: Nankyo B (Hanan Ben Shoshan)
Link: http://www.coroflot.com/nankyo
Location: Israel

Title: The Opera is Closed (or Opera Lost)
The crisis in Israel had weird appearance: many lost their jobs, firms bankrupted but the prices continue to raise up, flats get more expansive.
There is a huge economical differences between groups in the society and that gap is getting bigger. There is a big disconnection between the ones that holds the power and the common people.
This track tries to catch that image of the reach part that oppressed the common people with economical tools. Some musical battle which confront Opera elements with modern sounds. It is sure: we lost the opera at the end.
The sounds are all original and computer-generated (also the orchestra sounds).

Title: Something happens in the city
This part emphasize the sensation of fear while wondering in the hectic streets of a city in bad times.

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