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‘Crisis – What Crisis?’ by Carl Max

Name: Carl Max
Location: London, UK.
Title: Crisis – What Crisis?
Year created: 2009
Creative Commons license: Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0

There is an old Buddhist adage that says;
“Before great good, comes great evil”
The impetus for creating this piece are the conflicting voices and sounds of the media (radio/TV/newspapers), and metropolitan life during this recessionary period.

I was also interested in the confusion between certain news bulletins, human anger, individual hopelessness and the confused cacophony emanating from city streets in England and in The USA.

The contrast between the sounds of impending doom coupled with an underlying sense of a potentially positive future are melancholic, strong and sometimes even funny.

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‘Agression’ by Manuel Xastre

Name: Manuel Xastre
Location: London, UK
Link: http://xastremusicandsoundscapes.blogspot.com/

Title: “Aggression”
This composition is a phonological response to the sociological impact due to Recession. Usually in those moments the violence, aggression and noise are manifestations and responses to the general social frustration. My piece explores through the cacophony of sounds and then the chantings, a passage in time from chaos to order, since contemporary societies hypothetically living in security, in moments of Recession are less able for the hope, when the Recession can also mean a potential for a new form of living and produce.

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