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‘Shatter’ by GX Jupitter-Larsen

Name: GX Jupitter-Larsen
Location: A recycling center in Hollywood California, USA

Title: Shatter

The homeless are having a more difficult time finding recyclables in the residential trash of the middle class. The once affluent professionals, skilled laborers, and middle management types are all now selling glass and cans to local recycling centers themselves. Since these days, every penny counts…

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‘Scotch’ by Tilman Küntzel

Name: Tilman Küntzel
Link: www.tkuentzel.de

Location: Berlin (Germany)
Title: “Scotch”
– dead man working.
Stereo Version of a 10.55 min. 8-track piece.
Berlin 2007

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‘Bulldozers in Dirt’ by Rogerson and Pickering

Name: Rogerson & Pickering
Location: London/Norwich

Bulldozers in Dirt
An overly sentimental little ditty that we used in a film and radio piece some years ago (during the boom). The work described the inevitable demise of our Knowledge Economy. It seems only fitting that we say “We told you so” in some way, even if our own project is now defunct.

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