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‘Here and There’ by Mehdi Khansari

Name: Mehdi Khansari
Location: London
Link: http://mehdikhansari.com

Title: here and there
I’ve called the tune “here and there” because in the time of recession you don’t where you are with your feelings and emotions (how long the recession will last or on a sunny day everything seems to be fine etc.). “here and there” explores musically these different states of emotions.

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‘Fireworks’ by Norman Long

Name: Norman W. Long
Location: Chicago, IL USA
Title: Outside my widow, 4th of July, South Side of Chicago (edit) 5:00min mp3

Description: The question of what is the sound of recession haunted me for a couple of days before I decided to do this piece. Especially since I am one of many African Americans who have been affected by this recession and lives on the south side of Chicago, which is predominately African American. The recording of my neighbors setting off firecrackers, roman candles, etc. in the rain is a response to the economic silencing a recession does to a community. I see/hear the fireworks as a celebration of existence more than a celebration of freedom, liberty and or patriotism.

[5:00min version]

Full version:
73:00min: http://www.archive.org/details/OutsideMyWindow4thOfJulySouthSideOfChicago

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