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‘Respire’ by Kevin Medal

Name: Kevin Medal
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Link: www.kevinmedal.com

Title: Respire1(Aynohaynieye)
From an individual’s perspective, Respire1(Aynohaynieye)is similar to a therapeutic release (or) exercise in the cyclical act of purging ones desire of controlling uncontrollable factors in modern life and in a time of recession. It is a personal response that leads back to an inward state, perhaps wordless, culminating in the dissolution of the self, or “I” and ends in a kind of spiritual renewal; a cycle that repeats.. 1x 2x 3x..and so on adinfinitum.

The title “Aynohaynieye” is reference to a kind of void and to the phrase “Ex nihilo nihil fit”(Latin for “Nothing comes from Nothing”)

In Spanish, “Ay” means to “sigh”..”No Hay” means “There is none” “ni eye” means ” Nor is there “eye” (or I). Eye stands for I as “me” the individual or it can signify your “eye” which “sees”, symbolic of renewel, spirit, etc.

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‘Same Old Car’ by Damiano Rocco

Name: Damiano Rocco
Location: Padova, Italy

Title: Same old car
Crisis is a basic part of our economic system, for this it happens cyclically. Every time crisis affects our system governments uses always the same methods to face it. Funds to car industry and building trade, especially in Italy, are a constant in economic crisis times. So, to represent the periodicity of crisis and the immobility of institution, I made this loop starting from field recordings of car passing.

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