The Sound of Ebb Compilation, 2010

Featuring sounds from: NicolaBogo (IT), Heidrun Schramm (GER), Martin Lukanov (BG), GX Jupitter-Larsen (US), Sean Burn (UK), Patrick Hough (IE/UK), Martin Bizarro (UK), Xesús Valle (ES), Obsil (Giulio Aldinucci) (IT), Seth Cluett (US), Norman W. Long (US), Margarita Angel (CO), Song-Ming Ang (UK), UBERMORGEN.COM (AT), Jonathon Keats (US)

During summer 2009, at the height of the recession, an open call was sent out asking artists internationally to contribute sound works that respond to their current economic, social and political climate. A moment of recession remarks a deceleration and slowing down – opening up to a space for reflection. When a tide recedes into a breathe of idleness, it leaves a moment for contemplation and listening to the sounds of the Self, of Others and the Environment. In a state of lull is there opportunity forge new values, forms of solidarity, closer familial ties, and explore healthier modes of consumption? Is there value within a moment of quietude and reflection to explore new possibilities for the future?

Derived from their personal and everyday experiences, over 55 pieces were submitted from 15 countries around the world including: US, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Australia, Spain, UK, Canada, Colombia, Chile, Bulgaria, Finland and Israel. Submissions ranged from field recordings, compositions, radio plays, soundscapes, to music that were conceptual, personal, critical and interpretive.

In following the open call, a specially curated compilation was created from the sounds that reflect a diversity of creative processes and ideas that begin to approach a collective understanding of the crisis through individual experience.

Download the full compilation for free at: Sound of Ebb Compilation (2010)

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