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What is the Sound of Recession in 2011?

In the months and years that followed since 2009, we have seen drastic global changes. Particularly marked in 2011, two years following the beginning of this project, we see the actual social effects of the crisis manifesting in riots and unrest across the middle East and Europe –

Namely the demonstrations in Spain in May 2011 – Sounds of the Revolution from Mediateletipos:

And then following in London the riots in August 2011:

What can we derive from these sounds? Is there an urgency today for change? What can drive us to move, act and react to what is happening in our World? These moments and situations do not disappear as soon as the media ceases to cover them. We need to remark the significance of these sounds and events, and attempt to understand what they mean and what messages they may send to those in charge.

Please submit to us any recordings of the recent events where you are that concern the current global economic crisis and its effects on the ground.
Send your sounds and links to:

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‘A,a,a,a’ by David Perry

Name: David Perry
Location: London SE1

Title: A,a,a,a,

All the chat in the media by talking heads starts to sound like this to me.

As you hear the industrial activity recessing the talking is just the same old same old

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