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‘————‘ by Dr. Nojoke

Name: Frank Bogdanowitz aka Dr.Nojoke
Link: /
Location: Berlin, Germany
Title: “————”

mixture of clicks & cuts and a collage of field recordings

The field recordings i made actually in egypt, turkey (muezzin)and in berlin (fireworks)
I re-contextualized them expressing my feelings to the political crisis in Iran demanding for humanity, freedom, tolerance and peace.
It could be in Israel, Palestine, Iraque, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Uyghuristan …. or somewhere else as well.

In June i was churned up inside by the 20th anniversary of the massacre on the Tian Men square in Bejing first.
Then during the protest actions in Iran after the elections I followed links and information on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube to see what is going on there.
Although I am quite far away and I am not an Iranian I felt very close to the protesters. Emotions overwhelmed me and so for me it was really necessary to express them musically. I couldn?t find words for it!
In Berlin actually we are not suffering under the recession so much. Mostly we read about it.
But in times of the internet distances melt and you get nearly realtime information from diverse sources.
So my statement is based on the social networks I am using.

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‘Alerta(!)’ by Jwinderl

Name: jwinderl [mikrokiko]
Location: Munich, Germany

Title: alerta(!)
<> is a digitally reconstructed warn-signal.
it inofficially rings the alarm and raises
the awareness of where to draw the line between world trade
and world hunger.

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‘Scotch’ by Tilman Küntzel

Name: Tilman Küntzel

Location: Berlin (Germany)
Title: “Scotch”
– dead man working.
Stereo Version of a 10.55 min. 8-track piece.
Berlin 2007

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‘Eine Ganz Reelle Zahl’ by Heidrun Schramm

Name: Heidrun Schramm
Link: or
Location: Berlin, Germany

Title: Eine ganz reelle Zahl (Sound of Zero)
Basis of this conceptual sound composition: the word “Null” sampled from German TV newscast “Tagesschau” as one of the most frequently used word at the beginning of the economic crisis. Different drones of the stretched word “Null” (english: zero, null) – move like waves, side by side, or one after the other, from major to minor. Out of this soundtrack, the original sound appears: “Null” – “Komma” – “Vier” – “Komma” – “Drei” – “Null” – “Wachstum”.

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‘Corner’ by Mario de Vega

Name: Mario de Vega
Location: Berlin, Germany

Title: Corner
Description: Broken glass. Field recording made at Commercial & Dupont St corner in Greenpoint, NY.

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