‘Respire’ by Kevin Medal

Name: Kevin Medal
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Link: www.kevinmedal.com

Title: Respire1(Aynohaynieye)
From an individual’s perspective, Respire1(Aynohaynieye)is similar to a therapeutic release (or) exercise in the cyclical act of purging ones desire of controlling uncontrollable factors in modern life and in a time of recession. It is a personal response that leads back to an inward state, perhaps wordless, culminating in the dissolution of the self, or “I” and ends in a kind of spiritual renewal; a cycle that repeats.. 1x 2x 3x..and so on adinfinitum.

The title “Aynohaynieye” is reference to a kind of void and to the phrase “Ex nihilo nihil fit”(Latin for “Nothing comes from Nothing”)

In Spanish, “Ay” means to “sigh”..”No Hay” means “There is none” “ni eye” means ” Nor is there “eye” (or I). Eye stands for I as “me” the individual or it can signify your “eye” which “sees”, symbolic of renewel, spirit, etc.

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